harleydog (harleydog) wrote,

My dearest Lilyanna

Tomorrow you are going to be one year old. At 1:11pm you came into the world a little early because you were sharing your space in my body with a rather large tumour. If it was an age before the C-section, neither of us would have survived. You were small but strong and thankfully ready to be here, The first thing I said when you were born was " Wow! She's pretty!" Not that being pretty means anything at all. You were a champion breastfeeder, and still are. In the past 12 months you've grown so strong. You can run and you get into absolutely everything, you love the soccer ball, climbing, skateboarding, spinning in circles and dancing. You are determined and are showing your independence fiercely. You voice your opinions loudly and with vigour, I hope you never lose that!  It's important to be heard! I will always be here to listen. Also, you're much more social than other babies your age, it breaks my heart when you get so upset when they don't respond to you the way you would like.

You are such a gift to me. The past year has been amazing, challenging and miraculous. You are the dearest thing to my heart. You are a part of me and always will be.

Happy birthday,


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Happy Birthday Lilyanna!