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Wow. It's been a long while.
Soon, hopefully I'll have a moment to post
So much to say so little time to do it.

Or even maybe put up a picture at least...

If I don't get back soon enough,
Merry Christmas.

No. Not' Happy Holidays'. Most people I know don't get holidays at this time of year, so stop with that nonsense, really.... it's
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Things about Lilyanna

I can't believe Lily slept until 9 am! That is totally unheard of around here. We went to the Ex yesterday, it must have wiped her out.
~She is 15 months old now and amazing. Her first 'real words' have been "yes", "ow", "bite" and "roar". I wonder what this says about her personality?
~ She never stops moving unless she's asleep, lots of energy is an understatement.
~ When she greets other children she kisses them, it's very sweet
~ Still not much hair
~  has 16 teeth already, yay for being almost done with teething!

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My dearest Lilyanna

Tomorrow you are going to be one year old. At 1:11pm you came into the world a little early because you were sharing your space in my body with a rather large tumour. If it was an age before the C-section, neither of us would have survived. You were small but strong and thankfully ready to be here, The first thing I said when you were born was " Wow! She's pretty!" Not that being pretty means anything at all. You were a champion breastfeeder, and still are. In the past 12 months you've grown so strong. You can run and you get into absolutely everything, you love the soccer ball, climbing, skateboarding, spinning in circles and dancing. You are determined and are showing your independence fiercely. You voice your opinions loudly and with vigour, I hope you never lose that!  It's important to be heard! I will always be here to listen. Also, you're much more social than other babies your age, it breaks my heart when you get so upset when they don't respond to you the way you would like.

You are such a gift to me. The past year has been amazing, challenging and miraculous. You are the dearest thing to my heart. You are a part of me and always will be.

Happy birthday,



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Well, Paul lost his job this week. He's gone to pick up the last of his things from work, and I hope it's going all right.
I'm looking on the bright side and basically trying not to freak out. Everything will be ok....

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I'm listening to my little peanut sleep in past 8am...have I slipped into an alternate universe?? I've had three cups of tea in peace, amazing! She's getting much more comfortable with walking now, it's pretty darn sweet, and the head bumping phase is subsiding. Last week she had four forehead bruises from plunging headlong into things, I didn't even want to take her picture. She also gets super worked up at the sight of bananas and the arrival of her father home from work. She's such a daddy's girl already. She just squeals with delight at the sight of him.

April is here at last. We had one day of really nice weather last week and then mother nature turned around and slapped us in the a**. It's chilly, windy and there's always snow in the air. Quite frankly, I'm finding it really depressing, my crocuses came up and now they've been covered in a blanket of white.  Lily's back in her winter suit for outings, and she's growing too long for it. I need warm weather to happen, and quick! Happy news is that Easter weekend brings Paul 4 days off, I love it!

I'm also wondering if it would be wrong of me to wring Sal the Cat's furry neck? Her howling is driving me insane. Apparently she does this every spring, but really, enough already...I want nothing more than to let her outside, truly.  She' s 15 years old and shows no signs of slowing down. I suppose for me to cut that short would be, well, just wrong.

Paul and my second anniversary is coming up April 13. Lily will be almost 11 months old. Though it may seem our relationship has been a short crazy whirlwind I couldn't be happier than I am. I regret nothing. Regret is a foolish thing, if my life hadn't happened as it did...if I'd never come out to Ottawa, I wouldn't have my family today. It really does all happen for a reason. So cliche, but true.

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Grabbing a moment for a quickie post.
Lilyanna was scary sick on the weekend, a fever of almost 102. Having never dealt with or seen babies with fevers, Paul and I were pretty freaked out. We stayed up most of the night just watching her. It's amazing how quickly they recover from these things though, thank goodness, she's right back to normal. She started standing up yesterday, ridiculously cute! It's amazing to watch them develop so quickly, and she's so proud of herself! I figure she'll be walking before 11 months. 

I'm still happily a stay at home mom, she keeps me busy. She's also turned very shy with 'strangers', meaning anyone except me or daddy. I couldn't imagine the racket  a babysitter would have to cope with.

Two fires in the new townhouse development behind us this weekend as well. Wierd. But heard nothing about it on the news. I just want to know if we have a deranged arsonist in the area, seriously.

PS if they busses go on strike again I'm going to lose my temper. Really, screw you.
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