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~ Lily is crawling all over at 8 months and 1 week
~ One baby gate has bought me some freedom, she can play all over the upstairs now without me worrying too much.
~ We just lived through two more teeth coming in, that'd be a total of 8. One for every month she's been here. Thank goodness she's in a better state of mind today. Teething is hard. On everyone.
~ Yesterday I looked up and she was standing up. Wobbling like crazy, but with this "look Mom! No hands!" expression on her face...I was wowed. She doesn't do anything slow, gotta get it all done at once. She is not lacking in determination.
~ I filled the oil tank this weekend for $460, that is by far the cheapest it's ever been since we moved in.
~ Can't wait for the buses to start running, I desperately need a hair cut
~ I wish I had more time for typing...but alas...my girl is up from her nap

Happy Monday everyone 

*edit* found out one of Paul's work friends commited suicide...We knew his job was on the line, but geez...he has a family. I don't really know how to wrap my head around that .
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